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permadug is a creature of opportunity, practicing the basic principles of permaculture through observation, using ambient energy & water, upcycling, reusing and recycling.

permadug was born in a backyard garden and promotes the philosophy that permaculture is a practice for everyday life.

  1. Observe and Interact - Observation should always precede action. By taking time to absorb our surroundings and environment we can determine our most successful interactions.
  2. Catch and Store - Typically resources aren't provided consistently in nature, so we need to capture them when in abundance. 
  3. Obtain a Yield - Reap the benefits of what you sow. The mental aspect of being rewarded for your efforts is equally important as fuel for future endeavors.
  4. Apply Self Regulation and Accept Feedback - Make note of what works and what does not perform up to expectation.
  5. Use and Value Renewable Resources - If we take time to look in unconventional places we can find the resources we need without creating more consumption.
  6. Produce No Waste - Nothing goes to waste, everything has something to offer and a place it fits. 
  7. Design - Observing naturally occuring patterns can give us the most efficient designs for any purpose. 
  8. Integrate Rather than Segregate - Relationships which are beneficial to all involved only occur if there is an opportunity to interact. By weaving and crafting a symbiotic environment everthing involved is provided what is needed to flourish.
  9. Use Small and Slow Solutions - Smaller is easier to manage and maintain with consistency. A slower approach is more aligned with natural processes.
  10. Value and Use Diversity - Diversity reduces vulnerability. An ecosystem is most productive when all of its elements are present and living in harmony.
  11. Value the Marginal - The segue, transition or space between things is one of the most unique and productive areas.
  12. Creatively Respond to and Use Change -  Understand what Principle #4's feedback tells us and implement that change for the benefit of all.

"12 Permaculture Principles" from Permaculture Principles.

12 Principles definitions are permadug's interpretations.

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